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Sending Artwork for Creation of Your Inflatable

You can usually get these files from your company's design department, design house or ad agency when the label or print ad for the product is created. Note: if the art is to be used as part of an inflatable product, it must be the "flat artwork," meaning that we cannot use a photograph of the three dimensional product itself. Rather the art that was used to create the product's packaging would need to be sent.

If possible, supply a color correct hard copy of your final layout including call-outs for critical PMS colors. Under normal circumstances, artwork must be provided 3-4 weeks prior to inflatable shipment.

How To Send Your Artwork:


Choices Of Formats:

Vector Graphics

Vector Picture

Customers whose inflatable or banner will require paint, silk-screen, vinyl graphics, hand painting or applique should use vector graphics. Vector graphics are good for producing crisp outlines for logos and illustrations.

Some programs which use vector graphics:

Adobe Illustrator

Corel Draw

Macromedia Freehand

Various CAD Programs

Bitmap Images (aka raster images)

Format Picture

Customers who do not have vector graphics for their artwork will need to remit their drawings in bitmap form.

Instructions For Your Art Department:

 Recommended file formats are TIF or PSD

Make sure your color mode is CMYK.

Do NOT use any type of file compression (aka JPEG or GIF files).

Artwork for the final project should be 70 dpi. Therefore the size of your art file will be determined by its resolution, and vice versa. The equation for determining the optimal size/resolution is as follows:

How to Determine the Resolution Required if the Art File Size is Known:

Let A= The Final Inflatable Size

Let B= The Art File Size 

Formula to determine resolution is: A X 70 / B

      Example: To Print a 10' Label
      Final inflatable size: = 120" Tall
      Art File size: = 12" Tall
      Resolution Needed: 120" x 70 dpi / 12" = 8400/12= 700 dpi.

How to Determine the Art File Size Needed if the Resolution is Known:

      Let C= The Final Inflatable Size
      Let D= The Resolution
      Formula to determine art size is: C X 70 / D

      Example: To Print a 10' Label
      Final inflatable size: = 120" Tall
      Art Resolution: = 300 DPI
      Art Size Needed: 120" x 70 dpi / 300 dpi = 8400/ 300 dpi= 28" tall.

Formats we prefer are CD or DVD. Since bitmap images at 600 dpi can be quite large, see above for instructions for sending art. If the file is 20 mb or less, you may This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

 Instructions For Your Art Department:

   1. Make sure your color mode is CMYK.
   2. Save Illustrator, Quark XPress, Corel or Freehand files as .eps files.
   3. Convert all fonts to outlines or embed them in the document.
   4. Send your screen and printer fonts with the project in case corrections are required. If your file is smaller than 5 mb, we will gladly accept it via email. If the file is larger than 20 mb, we prefer to have it sent on a CD-ROM or FTP.

Combination of Bitmap & Vector Graphics

If your files contain a combination of bitmap and vector images, include a copy of each placed bitmap image as a TIFF or EPS file. We accept both Macintosh and PC formats.

If you have any further questions or concerns - contact us for questions regarding a specific job already in progress; you may This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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