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Professional Tips & Techniques for the Proper Inflation of Cold-Air Inflatable Balloons

Whether you're a seasoned installer or you've bought your first cold-air inflatable and need a few pointers, you're in the right place. Landmark inflatables come complete with tethers and appropriate blower. Putting them all together for a successful installation is easier than you might think!

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How to Blow Up Advertising Inflatables in 5 Minutes or Less (Ground Installations)
Learn to Repack Advertising Inflatables Like the Pros
Rooftop Installations of Custom Inflatables
The Pros and Cons of Ropes and Tethers for Giant Inflatables
Summer Hazards for Advertising Inflatables
Getting Your Advertising Balloon To Stand
Using Ground Stakes for Advertising Inflatables
Performing On-Site Repairs for Advertising Inflatables
Zoning Regulations (Pulling Permits) for Inflatables
Electricity: Calculate Running Cost Of An Inflatable

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"At all stores that we have posted the inflatable, we have seen an increase in sales of several hundred dollars a day."

- Grandy's Inc