Custom Inflatables

Advertising Inflatables: Before You Order FAQ

Ordering custom inflatables isn't a complicated task, but having some information handy when you make your decision will help the process go smoothly. It will also help to ensure you get the precise type of custom inflatable that will best suit your needs for years to come.

Want an easy reference guide for buying and using custom inflatables effectively?

We've recently taken a "best of" selection of past LandMarketing articles and compiled them into a convenient users guide.  Complete with questions to ask, checklists and charts, this manual is a quick-read you can print and keep on hand for future inflatables purchases. Click here to download your free copy of our custom inflatable buying guide!


How to Order Custom Inflatables
Custom Pricing for Custom Inflatables
Artwork: The Make-or-Break Element of Your Inflatable
The Difference Between Yard Inflatables and Professional Inflatables
Preparing Art for Custom Inflatables
Advertising Inflatables Fabrics
Which Inflatable Type Is Right For You?
Custom Inflatables Ordering Checklist
Getting Started - Basic FAQ

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