"[The logo] helped us create a better presence, improved foot traffic, became a photo backdrop and helped us have the best-looking booth at the events,"

- Laura Repreza, KTLM Telemundo 40

"I chose Landmark Creations because they had a reasonable price for a customized inflatable. The other inflatables featured on their site made me confident that they could produce exactly what I was looking for."

- Sara Chadeck, KONO 101.1 FM

"This year’s event was the highest attended in some time, and the [inflatable] astronaut, front and center on our Portico, was a great visible draw from all over the area."

- Dennis Bateman, Carnegie Science Center

"We had a very positive experience working with Landmark Creations and were very impressed with their service and how quickly we were able to receive our inflatable. The product is high quality and super easy to use, which makes a huge difference when setting up."

- Missy Keiper, Avera McKennan Foundation

"Our giant peach is brand new to us and will help us gain name recognition in our community at health fairs, county fairs, farm markets, school events and almost any event we take it to."

- Greg Stone, Peach Tree Healthcare

"[There was] fun, excitement, and encouragement for everyone to actually walk under/through [the arch] and it worked.  We have cheerleaders and small children at the finish line by the arch handing out stickers, saying ‘I did it.’ Before we had the arch, [people] would straggle in anywhere."

- Jackie Allen, March of Dimes

"Landmark worked with us to make sure our client was satisfied with the product. They provided great customer service and got us answers when we needed them."

- April Lo, SKA Events

"Give our races a 'big event' feel.  They look cool in photos and videos, and they help us establish the look and feel of our brand."

- Sam Abbitt, Savage Race

"Our tunnel was also a great addition to our pre-game tradition: the Wildcat walk. Our city shuts down three blocks of downtown, and we have hundreds of fans lining the streets with a police escort, while we walk to the stadium."

- Sam Baker, Head Football Coach at Waconia High School

"After speaking to a number of vendors, Landmark Creations had the professionalism, customer service, ingenuity, and creativity that we did not find elsewhere."

- Sean Conway, Arch and Loop

"I liked the way Tom listened and shared his ideas with me so that I could use the canyon like I needed. Tom hit a home run with my model. His input made all the difference in the world"

- Laurie Henry, Trinity Science Solutions LLC

"The inflatable arch allows for safe and easy setup and takedown. People have raved about the arch and have made requests to have it at their events."

- Karen Klevesahl, SMET Construction

"Landmark created two inflatable Truman the Tigers for us, and they were incredibly easy to work with, as well as very affordable."

- Michelle Froese, Missouri University

"We usually have to keep the arch up for at least 30 minutes after our races since so many people want to get their photos taken with it!"

- Art Boulet, Muddy Monk

"We received our inflatable and gave it a test run Saturday afternoon. To be short; Excellent Work. Thanks again for all your efforts."

- Curtis Gadula, Brock University

"We had the inflatable hockey player out in front of the coliseum and it caused such a crowd! Thanks for the professional job you and your company did for me!"

- Scott Adams, Liquid Box Inc.

"Just wanted to say how much we LOVE our inflatables.  We tested them in our lobby where they were, of course, an instant hit for school group photos. Our leadership was quite pleased with the durability and the realism."

- Mike Hennessy, Carnegie Science Center

"We TRULY appreciate your service and excellent workmanship. We look forward to working with you all in the future!"

- Amanda Frith, Dalton Agency

"Thank you so much for getting the arch to us in time for our event!  The arch looked great and we couldn't of been happier with the look.  Looking forward to ordering another arch from you for our 2013 events!"

- Holly Vittengl, Gladiator Assault Challenege

"The Adventure Colon is so rewarding for our organization. Everyone that walks through it is just in awe and learn so much when we guide them through it."

- Oneyda Cuevas, Hope Through Grace, Inc.

Watchung Hills Inflatable Tunnel

"Our Landmark Creations blast tunnel made for an incredible night and it was exeremley well received by the players, coaches and fans. Thanks to you and your team for a first class effort. Regards."

- Glenn Mastro, President of Watchung Hills Warriors Touchdown Club

Cabela's Inflatable Pheasant

"It was a big success! Customers were stopping to take their pictures with the inflatable pheasant and it helped draw in interstate traffic."

- Matthew Kettler, Cabela's

Sisbro Inflatable Shark

"This inflatable basking shark has helped put an exclamation point on my credibility as a science educator and presenter. I have used this inflatable shark in pitch meetings with various large aquariums, and they are always impressed by the awe-factor of this [life-size shark replica]."

- Rob Sams, Sisbro Studios

Inflatable Colon at Community Event

"Since we have had the inflatable colon present at events, individuals from all ages have come by to learn about what colon cancer is and ways to prevent it."

- Janet Sanchez, Cancer Education Project

East Central Inflatable Football Helmet Tunnel

"A private donor wanted us to add the inflatable helmet and of course, I thought of Landmark. Great Prompt Service - Great Product - Great Staff!!"

- Debbie Walker, East Central ISD

Inflatable Eastern Propane Tank

"Tom took the time to talk with me about my needs and was knowledgeable and confident enough in his product to be able to provide the information I needed by simply having a conversation."

- Felicia LaBranche, Eastern Propane

Teamsters Inflatable Corporate Cat Character

"We find that using the [giant] inflatable Fat Cat helps us achieve greater public awareness and greater press coverage,"

- Elissa Laitin, Teamsters

Sno Biz Inflatable Penguin Costume

"Nothing screams ROI for our dealers more than a mob of kids swarming to take their picture with Bizzy with a shave ice in their hand,"

- Kate Fullmer, Sno Biz

Grandy's Inflatable Chicken Mascot

"At all stores that we have posted the inflatable, we have seen an increase in sales of several hundred dollars a day."

- Grandy's Inc

Ivar's Inflatable Clam on Rooftop

"The inflatable complements our messaging since Ivar’s is a quirky restaurant that’s known for its antics.”

- Jim Werth, Ivar's Restaurant

Hot Stuff Inflatable Logo

"The speed of production was remarkable. We now have eight Hot Stuff balloons that will travel all over the USA to invite people to try our great-tasting pizza."

- Brett Eble, Hot Stuff Foods

Precision Tune Auto Care Inflatable Mascot

“He’s fantastic! And already promised to four stores... Thank everyone for all their great work.”

- Precision Tune Auto Care

Kankakee Helium Advertising Blimp

“We have used it for our Grand Opening Day, our half-price sale day and sometimes we just fly it because it looks so cool and serves as a great locator when people are driving to our place.”

-John Catalano, Jr., Kankakee Auto Recyclers

Inflatable Yellow Submarine Stage Prop

"Landmark Creations has been our go to supplier for 15 years. Tom and his team are people we count on to make our products look good."

- Jack Doyle, Scenery First

Veryfine Inflatable Bottle Replica

“Not only have they been extremely impactful, attracting hundreds of potential consumers to our sampling teams, but the ease in which we can install them has been a great help...”

- Bill Gerety, Veryfine Products, Inc.

Tootie Frootie Inflatable Cereal Bag Replica

“The huge cereal bag could be seen from anywhere and was a nice draw to gather people to the tents we had set up.”

- Anika Hage, WatersMolitor

Golden Graham Inflatable Product Replica

"I was especially impressed with your ability to turn around such excellent work on very short notice, and at a fair price."

- Richard Stever-Zeitlin, General Mills

MN Twins Inflatable Bottlehead

"Simply put, the bobbleheads were a real hit at TwinsFest. Over 21,000 fans attended the two-day event raising more than $100,000 for the Twins Community Fund charities."

- Heidi Sammon, Minnesota Twins

"As a fairly conservative estimate, the EZ-Up attracts 100 new customers per week. Since I typically have the inflatable up for six weeks, I average 600 new customers during a haircut cycle. Assuming a franchisee runs at a 30% profit margin after break-even, then the inflatable will pay for itself 4-6 times within a year. I would strongly recommend the use of inflatables to all Great Clips franchisees because they work."

- Red Hill, Inc. Spokane, Washington

Inflatable Tony the Tiger

"It has been such a pleasure to work with you. I know that everyone in my business wants things immediately and you were so helpful in getting things done quickly. Your work is amazing and I hope to work with you in the future on other projects."

- SSG, The Sponsorship Services Group, Inc

Inflatable Octopus on Museum Roof

"The 'octopus' has been a steady stream of conversation over the past 10 months. Because of it's uniqueness, we have easily been able to adapt the purpose and use this creature for multiple campaigns & promotions. We look forward to a continued relationship with your company."

- Museum of Science & Technology

MN Wild Inflatable Wheaties Cereal Replica

"Thank you very much for preparing the Wheaties/Wild inflatable box and volunteering to tend to the box at the Pre Season kickoff of the Minnesota Wild. You went above and beyond what I thought you would do for General Mills' presence at the kickoff party, and it was very visible to all of those who attended."

- General Mills

"You have been excellent to do business with, always letting us know about any special deals and shipping the items quickly so we can start putting them to work. I appreciate your attention to our group of SONIC's and for handling your business in a very professional manner, always delivering any information I need when making a decision. Here is a special thanks, with a "cherry on top."

- Mason-Harrison-Jarrard Enterprises

Inflatable Quizno's Drinking Cup

"We feel a sales increase of $500 daily can be directly attributed to your inflatable cup advertisements. This brings us great exposure in a market where everyone is fighting for brand identity."

- Quiznos Restaurants

Inflatable Iams Black Labs

"I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the service that we are getting from your organization. The inflatables have been a great success at shows, seminars and especially at pet shops where they help us to coordinate Iams Co. weekends that allow us to promote and increase sales of our products."


EMU Inflatable Football Helmet Tunnel

"Thank you again for all of your hard work and dedication to our project. Your staff has been phenomenal throughout this entire process! I have enjoyed working with you and all of your team members and anxiously await opportunities to work with you again in the near future."

- Eastern Michigan University

inflatable train tunnel"Thank you so very much for all of your efforts in creating the newest member of the Purdue mascot family. We appreciate the work of your staff and commend them on everything from the customized design and detailed craftsmanship to the quick turnaround and great follow-up. I would be happy to serve as a referral for Landmark in the future should you need me."

- Purdue University

Inflatable Cougar Tunnel

“[Our inflatable tunnel has] increased players & parents enthusiasm and recognition in the league for having a good program.”

- Will Forrestal, Apex Sports

Renton Western Wear Inflatable Cowboy Boot

"We are able to directly track customer traffic caused by the boot, so we know the inflatable boot paid for itself within the first year."

- Jerry Kavsh, Renton Western Wear

Tony Chachere's Inflatable Mascot

“The likeness to our company mascot was amazing. We used the balloon at the Winn Dixie Home & Garden show ... and we have had rave reviews.”

- Christy Bernard, Tony Chachere’s

Inflatable Cesco Cloud Display

"On behalf of Cesco Products, I wish to thank everyone who had a hand in creating the Cesco inflatable 'cloud' for the Chicago show. The show was a complete success with all the attention from the prospects and even the big competitors visited the booth daily!"

- Cesco Products

Inflatable Fox Mascots

"We would like to thank you and Landmark Creations International for the outstanding job you and your company did on the inflatable for our station! We are the envy of the entire South!"


"I cannot express enough our delight over the quality of your product as well as, the professional and courteous service we received during the course of the project. I would certainly recommend Landmark Creations to anyone interested in this product."

- The Children's Museum of Indianapolis

- What Others Say About Landmark

"Our Landmark Creations blast tunnel made for an incredible night and it was exeremley well received by the players, coaches and fans. Thanks to you and your team for a first class effort. Regards."

- Glenn Mastro, President of Watchung Hills Warriors Touchdown Club