Landmark Inflatables Score Big In Every Market for Advertising, Event Planning & Marketing

Marketing products takes a lot of creativity. According to CBS News, the average American sees over 5,000 advertising messages daily. To make an impact when marketing products, your advertising, event planning & marketing strategies have to incorporate eye-catching techniques that leave an impression that lasts long enough to get consumers into the stores to buy.  This is where Landmark Creations inflatables really shine!

Inflatables Help Marketers Gain Attention In Almost Every Industry. Learn How:

Inflatable Arch Boosts Perception of Running Club
Inflatable Mascot Drums Up Lots of Social Media Exposure
Inflatable Cash Booth Makes Credit Union More Visible at Events
Inflatable Tent Improves Visibility & Functionality of Snowboarder Camps
Cold-Air Inflatable Product Replica Draws Crowds at Events
Medieval Road Race with Castle-Style Inflatable Arch Finish Line
Inflatable Mascot Creates a Big Buzz for Food Truck
“Chocolate” Inflatable Archway Gives Runners Something to Dream About
Unique Cold-Air Inflatable Makes Debut at Charlotte Parade
UCONN's New Helmet Design Incorporated into Inflatable Football Tunnel
Inflatable Product Replica Earns Top-of-Mind Awareness for Tire Dealer
Community Support Expressed Through an Inflatable Sports Tunnel
TEAM Coalition Uses Cold-Air Inflatables to Promote Responsible Drinking
Inflatable Arch Serves Multiple Purposes at Races & Events
Inflatable Arch & Sports Tunnel Combine for Greater Use at Events
Inflatable Double Arch Gets Fans in Gear Before the Games
Giant Helium Balloon Helps Keith Loughlin’s Campaign for Re-election
Turning Their Mascot into an Inflatable Billboard Boosts Awareness for Mile High Flea Market
University of Minnesota Unveils Their Updated Inflatable Mascot
Inflatable Archway Creates Photo Op at Trail Run

- What Others Say About Landmark

"People love the inflatable! It's been a great photo op for History Center guests."

- Laura Geffre-Rick, Minnesota Historical Society