Inflatable UCONN Football HelmetUCONN Commissions Inflatable Football Tunnel to Match New Helmets

When the blue and white take the field, they will make a powerful statement bursting through the facemask of their new inflatable football tunnel. With the redesign of the team’s helmets, UCONN Athletics wanted to crank up their rebranding efforts by adding a sports tunnel that mirrored the new gear.

Few things are as exciting in sports as when your team makes its entrance just before kickoff. Landmark Creations was called on to help pump up the fans and rain down team spirit on the stadium.

According to UCONN’s K-9 mascot Jonathan (and translated by Kevin Solomon), the crowd will know the Huskies have come to play when the team hits the field using their new inflatable.

There’s hardly a player alive that wouldn’t agree – screaming fans keep morale high and the team excited. And that’s what football is all about.

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Inflatable Tire BillboardEd Chaney Tire Center’s Inflatable Product Replica Keeps Him “Top of Mind”

Pop Quiz: When do people buy tires? Answer? Whenever they need them. There is no tire season or scheduled time to buy as there is with Christmas gifts or weekly groceries. Because there is no way to predict when drivers will need new tires, you have to market your business continually.

Top-of-mind awareness is what drives Ed Chaney’s tire business, and he’s smart enough to realize what that means: promote your company at all times so that when someone has a blowout, notices worn tread or decides they want snow tires, they think of you first… you are at the top of their mind.

Ed explains his process and why he decided to incorporate a cold-air inflatable into his marketing plan. “We support our community through sponsorships, and in the past we have put a banner or table at an event. Now we can place the inflatable in a high traffic area and have a 24/7, larger-than-life representative on site.

“This has created tremendous buzz around town and we have received a great deal of compliments on the Big Tire. Exposure is my goal, and the inflatable does that better than anyone, including me, can do at these events. The Big Tire never takes a break, gets tired or has to take a call. It just keeps shining bright and the kids love it.”

Class dismissed.

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Tornado TunnelCredit Union Donates Inflatable Sports Tunnel to Show Appreciation

As an inflatables manufacturer founded in 1986, we’ve created our fair share of sports tunnels. The typical scenario is that the administration, sports staff or booster club of a high school or college will contact us and place an order. However, there is the rare occasion where someone outside the school system steps up to help out.

Leaders Credit Union was one of the few organizations we’ve seen that – unsolicited – offered to finance the creation of an inflatable football tunnel for the Union City Tornadoes as a gesture of goodwill.

As Josh McAfee, Marketing Manager, explains, “Our goal was to strengthen our relationship with the Union City public school system by providing them with a gift for their athletic program. Leaders Credit Union is somewhat new to the Union City market in Northwest Tennessee, but our heritage as a credit union is in providing financial services to educators in public schools. It was very important to us to show our appreciation for and dedication to Union City schools.”

Josh continues, “The turnaround time was fairly abbreviated, and we weren't sure that Landmark would be able to meet our request. They indeed hit our deadline and did not compromise on the design and build quality.”

This gesture of community support will no doubt have a lasting impact on the school and the town for years to come.

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TEAM Coalition Inflatable FootballTEAM Coalition Goes Interactive with Promotional Cold-Air Inflatables

In 2013, there was a fierce competition between NFL teams that had nothing to do with football. TEAM Coalition (working with Bud Light®) created the Bud Light Good Sport Designated Driver Challenge designed to promote responsible drinking and positive fan behavior at sports and entertainment facilities.

Three NFL teams featured promotional inflatables as part of their challenges: San Diego Chargers, Houston Texans and Kansas City Chiefs. During promotions at these games, fans were encouraged to get interactive by signing the inflatable footballs and having their pictures taken with them. Needless to say, those photos got posted on lots of social media sites and emailed to plenty of friends.

TEAM Coalition noted three results that contributed to the success of their campaigns. First, the inflatable footballs were attention-grabbers. Second, they increased foot traffic to the on-site promotion. Third, the inflatables helped the contest earn more exposure. They’ve seen from experience that promotional inflatables can get the job done.

But why Landmark Creations? Jessica Thurston, Program Associate, explained, “Landmark Creations has been making these inflatables for us over the past few years and always does a great job. They are timely, and the inflatables last for more than one season!”

Remember: Fans Don’t Let Fans Drive Drunk!

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Kiawah Resort Marathon ArchwayInflatable Arch Multi-tasks for the Kiawah Island Golf Resort

When it comes to races, where are the number one and number two spots for photo opportunities? The start line and finish line without question. If you plan to take advantage of the free exposure social media and the Internet offer, shouldn’t your start/finish line look awesome and be fully branded? We think so and Paul Shockley, Recreation Program Manager for Kiawah Island Golf Resort, agrees.

“The start/finish line looks great in the photos that we take and post for all the runners of our different races and events. The inflatable has already proved to be a great marketing tool for us and provides us with the opportunity to partner with companies with the advertising space we have available down the sides of the inflatable.”

An inflatable arch isn’t just for races, however. These multi-taskers also work well to direct people to entranceways or registration tables for events.

“Our main goal was to be able to use it for our Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot, our Kiawah Island Marathon and our Kiawah Island Triathlon. We like it so much we are also now planning to use it for our Fourth of July Bicycle Parade and for our Easter Egg Hunt and Toss.”

As Kiawah will soon find out, these brandable moneymakers can quickly pay for themselves. Just one more reason to love them.

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Broken Arrow Inflatable TunnelBroken Arrow High School Makes a Statement with Hybrid Inflatable

What do you get when you cross an inflatable archway and a sports tunnel? An impressive-looking creation that gives you twice the usage of either one alone. Broken Arrow High School discovered this unique hybrid inflatable when they ordered their black and gold sports tunnel with a detachable arch/wall.

Jason Jedamski, Director of Student Life Activities, explained, “The tunnel is used at home and away games. It makes a statement that the Broken Arrow Tigers are taking the field.”

While sports tunnels have a long-standing record of pumping up school spirit at games, they also contribute to the atmosphere and excitement level at dances, community events and other school functions. Using just the tunnel or the detachable wall/arch gives instant recognition to the school and the opportunity for selling sponsorships on the tunnel or arch are doubled as well. Broken Arrow High also ordered an inflatable double arch. Read that case study here.

Thinking of getting an inflatable sports tunnel for your school? This hybrid version might be a better choice. Let us know if you have questions. We’re always happy to help.

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