Inflatable CowgirlInflatable Cowgirl Character Turns Heads Everywhere She Goes

St. Louis country station WIL92 wanted to update their branding and also make a splash at local events. In a competitive market, they needed a mascot that would connect with their audience and command attention in a crowded venue.

"We chose Landmark Creations because of the creative design. We reached out about several ideas we had — a giant red Solo cup, a giant iPod, sexy cowgirl," said Kelly Rebal, the station's promotions director. "[Landmark] integrated all our ideas into one single inflatable [and] went above and beyond to make sure everything was just the way we wanted."

The results are definitely impressive. "Lacy" is a sassy young lady with fashionable ripped jeans, signature WIL92 red tank top and cowboy boots. With a drink in one hand and an iPod in the other, this 20-foot-tall cowgirl invites everybody within seeing distance to start the party. And draw a crowd? You bet your boots she can!

These days, Lacy is a busy girl, spending her time traveling to concerts and other events, and is happy to be the new face of WIL92.

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Inflatable YES Heart Art DisplayBringing Hashtags To Life With Custom Inflatable Art

It is usually only in cartoons or sci-fi movies that we see the virtual crossing over into reality. However, visitors to Boston Harbor and the Harbor Arts Festival 2014 got to take in a new exhibit titled #YES.

Artist Brian Kane premiered the first in this ongoing series of inflatable sculptures (OMG!) at the Harbor Arts Festival in 2013. The second installment carries another common online expression into the real world by putting physical form to a hashtag.

Why? "[I wanted to] create a bold landmark sculpture for the people of Boston that was highly visible, family-friendly and broadly accessible," says the artist. Of all the media available to work with, why use Landmark Creations to develop inflatable art?

"Tom and Landmark are the best. I've worked with Landmark over the last few years to develop a process that delivers the best quality products on time. Tom and the team work with me to get all of the details right."

In addition to brightening the days of local Bostonians, the inflatable art also drew attention from the press and created a bit of social media buzz. Is that a typical reaction to inflatable sculptures? #YES!

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Brooklyn Bowl Inflatable PinsInflatable Mascots Help Local Business Go Viral

With a venue that offers a variety of entertainment options in a hugely competitive market, Brooklyn Bowl of Las Vegas needed something to help them stand out from the crowd. A pair of colorful inflatable bowling pin characters did the trick and have been a big hit with fans.

Chris White, Senior Vice President of Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas, says, "We wanted to use the inflatables as a way to garner greater attention and interest at our front door and as décor for group events held inside."

The final result? Two nine-foot-tall bowling pin punks with the Brooklyn Bowl logo, which surely make an impression. In fact, they're so popular that they're often the subject of Instagram and Twitter photos. Not only do fans and customers love the mascots, but the buzz they get is responsible for increasing the venue's social media reach as well. We call that a winning combo!

Want to take your business viral? It's a simple matter of creativity and ingenuity … two things we're full of!

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Color-A-Thon ArchwayInflatable Archway Pulls Double Duty For Popular Fundraising Events

Successfully shepherding a crowd of rowdy kids is a challenge, and that's just what the team at School-a-Thon does every day at schools across the country. Needless to say, fun always works well as a motivator for children. When School-a-Thon needed a way to huddle up all the kiddos, they chose an inflatable archway to clearly mark the starting line of their popular Color-a-Thon races.

"The arch [is] a very visible and fun way to show the kids where to gather for the start of the race," says Rick Anderson, owner of School-a-Thon. "We wanted to make a huge impression on the kids, parents and teachers at the beginning of the Color-a-Thon races."

Not only does the Color-a-Thon inflatable arch serve as both a starting point and finish line, but it also makes a great photo backdrop. Appearing in many press shots of local events, the arch has helped accomplish School-a-Thon's mission of raising much-needed funds for field trips, sports activities, supply drives and more.

Because the Color-a-Thon events are held all over the nation, the arch needed to be easy to set up and transport. With lightning-fast inflation and deflation times plus the ability to simply roll up the inflatable and pack it away, portability has proven to be a snap!

Two thumbs up for raising the level of fun and funds!

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Inflatable Sports CagePortable Sports Cage Gets Rave Reviews From Kids And Parents

"As the marketing department, our goal is to increase fan engagement at athletic events to create a memorable experience for our fans and student athletes," says John Geren, Assistant Director of Marketing & Fan Development at the University of Arkansas. The challenge can be finding something that fans of all ages appreciate and want to interact with. How did he do it?

"Use one inflatable that applies to multiple sports with increased branding and visibility compared to other inflatables we have used in the past." In other words: create an inflatable, portable sports cage and set it up in the Kid's Zones at football, soccer and softball games.

The Razorback sports cage is a single inflatable with multiple backdrops. Change out the net and you have an entirely different inflatable such as a football toss or a batting cage.

Did it work? According to John, rave reviews have been given by kids and parents, and a 50% increase in single-game attendance has been recorded. I'd say that's a score!

Want to score big on your next promotion? Check out our gallery of inflatable sports cages for a variety of styles and examples!

Tuloso Midway Football Helmet TunnelInflatable Helmet Tunnel Makes A Great Start To Every Game

If the streets of Corpus Christi look a little deserted this Friday night, it's probably because everyone is cheering on their favorite team. This town takes their football seriously, and the Tuloso Midway Warriors are up to the challenge. Not only do they play a top-notch game, but they love to put on a show, and that starts with an attention-grabbing run onto the field. They knew a giant inflatable helmet would help set the tone for a fantastic game, so they turned to Landmark Creations.

While personal attention and quick response times were important to the Tuloso Warriors Booster Club, they also wanted their helmet to embody the spirit of the team and get the crowds fired up. The final result speaks for itself, with its bold colors and the team logo prominently featured.

These days, the Warriors' inflatable helmet is the first thing you see when you enter their stadium, and you know exactly who's in charge. You can bet that when the players take the field, their opponents are just a bit more intimidated than they once were. After all, with their new inflatable helmet and the whole school cheering them on, how can they lose?

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- What Others Say About Landmark

"[There was] fun, excitement, and encouragement for everyone to actually walk under/through [the arch] and it worked.  We have cheerleaders and small children at the finish line by the arch handing out stickers, saying ‘I did it.’ Before we had the arch, [people] would straggle in anywhere."

- Jackie Allen, March of Dimes