Pacific Road Runners ArchwayInflatable Finish Arch Improves Branding of Running Club

When you think of organized running, visions of fierce competitors straining to beat the best times of their opponents probably come to mind. However, running isn’t always about winning and road races aren’t only about rivalry. Just ask the members of the Pacific Road Runners Club.

According to their website, this is “a recreational running club, with members interested in leading a fit and active lifestyle combined with social events. We compete, but we don’t enter expecting to win. We’re more interested in achieving personal goals and having fun doing it.”

The club also gives a good portion of their proceeds to charities. David Parker, a race committee member, explains, “Our running club donated $50,000 to charity, and our total donations over the last 20 years are $600,000.” So, of course, they wanted their finish line to look professional and impressive, and to help with promoting the race as well. Enter the inflatable arch!

Did the giant balloon get the results the club was after? “The inflatable finish arch looked fantastic! Local media was also there filming, so photos and videos of our race were viewed by many with our logo front and center.”

Yep! Those sound like pretty exciting results to us.

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Brock-Badger-Mascot-L3884Want to Engage Students? Give Them an Inflatable Mascot to Post on Social Media

If you’ve hung around any college students, you’ve certainly noticed one thing. These young adults spend a lot of time on social media. What are they talking about? Everything from the state of politics in our country to how extremely cool the new inflatable mascot looked on their parade float.

This is how Brock University garnered “remarkable social media coverage among the student population,” according to Curtis Gadula, Manager of Off-Campus Living & Neighborhood Relations.

The Ontario-based school turned its mascot (Boomer the Badger) into an inflatable that has been used on a community parade float, at open houses, preview days, athletics banquets, sports camps, convocations and just about everywhere else they could think to place it. The goal was to increase marketing exposure, energy, athletic and university pride, and excitement about the school.

Why did they choose Landmark Creations (in the U.S.) as opposed to a Canadian company? “Through research, Landmark had a solid reputation, and from the very start they were excellent to work with and responsive to our requests for change. Fantastic customer service and excellent delivery.”

Now that’s something to get excited about! Gooooo Badgers!

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Rogue Credit Union Cash BoothCredit Union Ramps Up Visibility with Inflatable Cash Booth

The pairing of an inflatable money machine and a local credit union is as natural as can be. Add to that, however, a few live events and you get a recipe for visibility and excitement that is hard to beat.

Rogue Credit Union, a financial cooperative in southern Oregon, wanted to take its community outreach efforts up a notch. After receiving a referral from a credit union in Idaho, Rogue chose Landmark Creations to produce its inflatable cash booth.

According to Kelsey Esqueda, Community Outreach Coordinator, “We’re actively involved in the communities we serve. We plan on using the [inflatable] money machine at community events, festivals, local sporting events and also in partnerships with car dealers.”

She continues, “So far, we’ve only had the money machine at one event – a large auto sale at the local expo. The [cash booth] is a fantastic visual – you can’t miss it!”

Cash booths aren’t just for financial institutions. They have the same impact when used by practically any organization. After all, who doesn’t want to win free money?

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Inflatable Thrasher Snowboard AirTentInflatable Tent / Dome Functions as a Display, Traffic Generator & Shelter

When Vision Elite Sports and Thrasher Camp President, Paul Miller opted to purchase an inflatable dome, it was originally to serve as a basecamp for events. However, Paul quickly discovered that these multifunctional tents pull double (and even triple) duty.

“Along with providing a place for riders and staff to congregate throughout the events, the inflatable dome also gave us a marketing tool that is unrivaled to any other in our industry.”

Even having the benefits of exceptional visibility and a place to rally around, their tent also offered an unexpected surprise. “At the 2014 USASA Snowboard National, we had our dome set up for a week. After eight inches of new snow fell overnight, we all were worried to see what the dome looked like. To our great relief, it was upright and the new snow seemed to have no effect on the tent whatsoever.”

That’s quality for ya! But wait! There’s more.

Thrasher Camp had a goal of obtaining national recognition for their youth snowboarder camps. Thanks, in part, to their use of Landmark Creations’ inflatables, they have seen increased rider participation for camps all across the country.

That’s one way to stomp your event marketing!

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Montauk Inflatable Beer CanCold-Air Inflatable Helps Launch New Product Line through Event Marketing

Pop quiz! When event marketing is a major part of your promotional plan, and you want to get the word out about your new line, what’s the best investment you can make? Answer: an inflatable product replica, of course.

Montauk Brewing Company agrees. According to Co-Founder Vaughan Cutillo, “We want to spread the word that Montauk Brewing Company is launching new 12-ounce cans [and] the inflatable is perfect for this.” As he explains, “It really does stand out in a crowd. People love the inflatable [product replica]. It is exactly like our new cans and it draws the right kind of attention.”

When traveling the marketing circuit, Montauk’s new cold-air inflatable Driftwood Ale beer can makes an impressive stand at beer festivals, beer-tasting events, trade shows, parades and other events.

Best of all, it ended a longtime ordeal for the promotional team. “The setup is so easy. We have had event tents and other promotional items in the past that were a nightmare to set up and break down. The inflatable is now the easiest part of the setup, and probably the most identifiable.”

What more could you ask for?

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Inflatable Castle ArchwayMedieval Inflatable Arch: For Road Races and Beyond

We really get a kick out of all the different themed road races we’ve seen lately. It seems to be a new trend that (hopefully) will continue. The Running Zone Foundation thought of a clever twist: take the race back in time.

The Castle for Excalibur 10 Miler encouraged participants to dress in medieval period costumes for the event. They would then trek 10 miles in and around Viera, Florida, before crossing the inflatable finish line and completing the quest for Excalibur.

That’s certainly one purpose for their arch; however, the uses go far beyond road races. The Running Zone Foundation (a 501(c)(3) organization) promotes and encourages health and fitness in their community through running, jogging, walking and related educational programs and publications. They could easily use their arch when exhibiting at health fairs or festivals, for foundation parties or open houses, at fundraising drives and lots of other occasions.

Add a few sponsor banners and they can turn their marketing expense into a revenue-producing tool. Like these ideas? We’re full of them. Give us a call to discuss your project.

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