United Shore Inflatable LogoUnited Shore Uses Inflatable Logo to Launch Rebranding Campaign

Rebranding a company takes work. Once you've depended on a brand for years, breaking away and moving in another direction (even if it is a better, more representative one) can be a challenge. That's one reason United Shore approached Landmark Creations about developing a giant inflatable logo for their company fair.

This event and company pep rally was where the new logo was unveiled in front of 1,100 employees and their families. Why a “U”? According to Kelsie Lathrop, Marketing Coordinator, "The U represents two people coming together building a relationship."

Kelsie continues to explain that the increase in visibility the new inflatable logo provided helped project United Shore's new brand. "The U was a clear symbol of our new look and feel, and [how we were] uniting together as a team and company. It turned out great and was a huge hit at our events!"

United Shore had other options, but they chose Landmark Creations for two important reasons: our excellent customer service and our ability to create a custom inflatable in a timely manner to their specifications.

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Kids Life Inflatable ArchwayLocal Church Uses Colorful Inflatable Arch to Guide Children

When small startup churches need a place to meet, they often congregate in whatever affordable space is available. Case in point: one of The Life Church's six campuses currently occupies a movie theater. Having a need to direct children and parents to the kids' area (and a desire to make it fun and inviting), The Life Church reached out to Landmark Creations for help.

The Kids Life arch showers children with a rainbow of colors as they walk underneath. This vibrant welcome sets the tone for a happy, meaningful lesson and fellowship time with other kids with similar beliefs. In addition, it sets this area of the theater apart so kids can claim it as their own domain.

A church representative explained, "We set up and tear down all our equipment every Sunday. We got one of your [inflatable] arches to add some life to a very bland hallway and also use it as signage to show where our kids' classrooms are located. All the kids really love it!"

Whether The Life Church continues to use their arch in the current, temporary setting or permanently inflates it at their new facility, this inflatable archway will continue to delight kids for years to come.

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Monte MascotMega Monte School Mascot Stands Proud on the Niagara University Campus

All hail the purple… eagle? Yep! Niagara University wanted to transform their school mascot (Monte the purple eagle) into a giant, 20-foot-tall inflatable. We were happy to oblige.

While Monte is regularly seen cheering on the hockey and basketball team, and roaming about the grounds, the university wanted an inflatable mascot that could literally and figuratively create a larger presence of school spirit on campus. Bill Newton, Assistant Director of Campus Activities, explains, "We wanted to get the attention of our students, faculty, staff, and other members of the campus community, including our guests, prospective students and families, and all of our Purple Eagles fans."

"The Mega Monte [inflatable mascot] made his debut at our annual commencement ceremonies and was a big hit with our graduates and their families. He will make a splash at many university events, including new student orientation, Purple Eagle games, alumni weekend, and many admissions-related events."

Want to expand the visibility of your school mascot? Take him to the inflatability zone!

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Gibson Tires Inflatable Automotive BillboardAn Inflatable Product Replica Means Never Paying to Promote Another Brand

Does this sound like you? "We have always rented inflatables for our events mostly from manufacturers. We were paying to promote other brands." Like many small businesses, it seems logical at first to rent large promotional items instead of buying your own. However, the problem with this approach is that those other inflatables are generic.

While rented inflatables might depict a product like yours, they won't give you the brand recognition these marketing balloons are famous for instilling. Gipson's Tire Pros found this out and, once they realized the advantage of owning their own custom inflatable product replica, their event marketing got a shot in the arm.

Owner Hootie Gipson explains: "This year we decided it was time to start using an inflatable with our name on it. We can put our brand front and center. We used our inflatable for the first time recently and found that folks loved taking photos in front of it and really drew the crowd over to our booth area. We were very pleased with the way it displays our brand."

And because those photos inevitably end up on social media, Gipson also gets a wonderful little viral effect. Want some?

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Neon Trees Inflatable Stage PropFun Concert Stage Prop Highlights Neon Trees' Pop Psychology Tour

Pulling off a successful concert tour means having a wicked-cool design company behind you. From stage design to inflatable stage props, Look Up Point Design added dynamics, innovation and a serious dose of "Wow" to Neon Trees' Pop Psychology tour. The crowning touch was when they commissioned Landmark Creations to develop a truly one-of-a-kind inflatable.

Was it an inflatable band logo? No. An inflatable guitar? Uh… nope! Center stage in a prism of bright neon colors (of course) was a six-foot tall, 49-pound brain. Designer Kristie Roldan explains, "The inflatable is a 3D replica of an element on Neon Trees' Pop Psychology album cover. It is a great, fun piece of the tour's production design."

From "Sleeping with a Friend" to "I Love You (But I Hate Your Friends)" and "Voices in the Halls," the band rocked through every set in every city dancing around the brain. In fact, the brain dance continues on the Neon Trees' tour for 10 weeks this summer.

Why Landmark? "After seeing a little of what Landmark Creations could do via their website photos, I called and spoke with Tom about the possibilities and options we would have in making a brain appropriate for our tour. After speaking with other companies we had found online, it was clear that Landmark Creations could give us the best product for our money."

The brain not only continues to serve as a rad inflatable stage prop, but Kristie also knew it would find its way onto social media, giving this cool balloon a viral life of its own.

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Pacific Road Runners ArchwayInflatable Finish Arch Improves Branding of Running Club

When you think of organized running, visions of fierce competitors straining to beat the best times of their opponents probably come to mind. However, running isn’t always about winning and road races aren’t only about rivalry. Just ask the members of the Pacific Road Runners Club.

According to their website, this is “a recreational running club, with members interested in leading a fit and active lifestyle combined with social events. We compete, but we don’t enter expecting to win. We’re more interested in achieving personal goals and having fun doing it.”

The club also gives a good portion of their proceeds to charities. David Parker, a race committee member, explains, “Our running club donated $50,000 to charity, and our total donations over the last 20 years are $600,000.” So, of course, they wanted their finish line to look professional and impressive, and to help with promoting the race as well. Enter the inflatable arch!

Did the giant balloon get the results the club was after? “The inflatable finish arch looked fantastic! Local media was also there filming, so photos and videos of our race were viewed by many with our logo front and center.”

Yep! Those sound like pretty exciting results to us.

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